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What is Skölland Jewelry?

Every Skölland piece is created with the idea in mind to celebrate your individuality and values, our pieces invite you to embrace your unique narrative and desires without compromise. As you wear these pieces, you might feel a sense of wonder and enchantment, each design serves as a dual purpose of both honoring your story while also honoring the past.

Skölland is more than just an accessory; it reflects your spirit, it is a manifestation of your dreams, favorite tales, and desires. Each piece embodies a fusion of nature, history, and fantasy to create a timeless piece that will resonate with those who appreciate old world craftsmanship and the power of a well-told story.

What Sets Our Adornments Apart?

At the heart of Skölland is you. Our journey begins with a profound respect for your principles and the creativity that ripples from you. This forms the cornerstone on which our pieces blossom.

• We conscientiously acquire top-notch gemstones, prioritizing ethical sourcing and mining whenever possible.
• Our commitment to craftsmanship is executed in limited production runs, small batch runs reduce waste and provide you with tailored pieces to your exact measurements.
• USA-based, ethical craftsmanship that upholds our commitment to excellence.
• Traditional & Innovative Techniques. By blending innovative and traditional goldsmithing techniques, we pay homage to the past while embracing the future.
• High Quality, solid precious metals. Each metal is designed with your wear experience in mind.

With every Skölland piece, you become an integral part of a legacy, intertwining your own narrative with fragments of the past.

Our passion lies in the details of each piece, and in metamorphosing your jewelry collection from mundane to enchanting. Whether you seek a powerful accent for a wedding ensemble, layer-able pieces that reflect your nature and perfectly complement your daily attire, or an extraordinary gift for a memorable companion. We are here to craft your story every step of the way.